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Simplicity Strategist. Joyful Living Designer. Master Calm Creator.

Christine O’Brien knows how to simplify your space and bring peace to your parenting.

As a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and KonMari enthusiast with over a decade of experience, Christine coaches women to create home environments that support harmony and connection.  

When she welcomed her baby girl into the world in 2012, she was overwhelmed by the chaos that comes with being a new mom - drowning in dishes, laundry, spit up and no sleep!

If you dream of a calm and peaceful family home where everything is put away + more time to sit, relax and connect with your children and your partner, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an overwhelmed mom, a parent yearning to simplify life and enjoy parenthood more or a woman who is just looking to feel more in a state of equilibrium, Christine's got the golden key to your success.

Christine helps women, just like you, rediscover what matters most to them, clear out the clutter that’s causing their overwhelm, let go of the things that are holding them back and transform into the calm and centered moms they really want to be.

Coaching from the heart, using joy as a guide

With Christine's help, my feelings of overwhelm and fear just melted away. She not only helped sort through the piles that had been in my way for months but she showed me how to do it for myself next time. I would recommend that anyone who is feeling stuck or just needing help with the KonMari method to employ her services immediately. She re-inspired me to keep going and I felt the magic of the method again! Thank you Christine, I'm so grateful!

Join her and the Creating Calm Community dedicated to helping moms create their own joyful homes and joyful lives.

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