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A place to share inspiration, information and positive reinforcement for people working to get their homes and lives in order. Based on the KonMari Method of tidying up, developed by Marie Kondo.

Joy and Gratitude

Thanking our stuff may sound crazy at first, but it is the foundation of surrounding ourselves in joy. The magic of KonMari is gratitude. In this video Brene Brown explores the connection between gratitude and joy.

Some ideas of how to create your own joy.


Kristin Neff 's website with great supportive resources for self-compassion including a quiz to measure your current level of self-compassion and free Meditations.

Deepak and Oprah offer free Meditations on occasion and the meditations are always available for purchase.


Kim John Payne’s book is all about how and why to simplify when you have kids and includes a chapter on decluttering their environment.

Here are all the tools you need to connect with and understand your child. Taking one of these courses absolutely increased my confidence as a mother, taught me new skills and deepened my relationship with my husband and daughter.

Mothering Arts is a dynamic idea, ever changing, that supports mothers and babies in the first year postpartum. Learn how to create a healthy family rhythm at your own pace from home.

A whole list of resources for simplifying with kids.


Capsule Wardrobe

A real mom’s capsule wardrobe experience. Very Inspiring.

Style inspo and DIY

Paris inspired style inspo and DIY

More inspo and DIY with rules

The brilliance behind adopting a uniform discussed.


The most helpful folding video.

If my baby can fold, so can you!


Letting go of the hard stuff, here’s how.