Christine O'Brien

Creating Calm Conversation with Dana B. Myers

By Christine O'Brien / September 21, 2019 /

Meet Dana, she is the founder of Booty Parlor, an empowering sexy lifestyle brand that’s been helping women (and the partners who love them) feel sexier and more confident since 2005…  She’s also the author of two best-selling books for women about self-love, sex and relationships…  And after having two kids herself, Dana wrote her…

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konmari folding

The Magic that is KonMari Folding

By Christine O'Brien / September 30, 2018 /

I was telling a group of moms about my trip to New York City to meet Marie Kondo and observe the filming of a tidying lesson at Gina’s home. I was talking about my surprise that Marie Kondo  chose to hang Gina’s jeans in the closet. Then how Keiko, a KonMari Consultant was folding the…

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joy sparking closet

Joy Sparking Closets!

By Christine O'Brien / May 24, 2018 /

Wow! I’m loving my freshly KonMari’ed closet. Before I developed the skill of choosing joy my closet was sad and overwhelming. Since choosing only the clothing and shoes that felt joyful. (Making these difficult decisions took several attempts. It was painful for me because of my changing mama body and my changing mama identity.) Now…

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creating calm

Creating Calm with Jacquelyn

By Christine O'Brien / September 4, 2017 /

Recently, I had the pleasure of supporting Jacquelyn Krieger, the founder of ChakWave, in a Creating Calm session. We cleared the clutter in her daughters’ room using the principles of KonMari (the Japanese art of decluttering) and Simplicity Parenting (the art of parenting simply). We worked together to create a simplified space for her girls…

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spring clearing

De-Cluttering Tips for Spring Clearing

By Christine O'Brien / April 11, 2017 /

Spring is here! It’s been a wet winter here in Northern Califorina, which was exactly what we needed and now we’re ready for some sun. Spring is a great time to get energized to clear and clean your home. In my community we are about to have a “swap” where some amazing mamas organize a…

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