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Here's What Our Clients Have To Say...

Inspiring and Motivating! 

"Christine’s coaching, along with having a support group, has been inspiring and motivating. She is so supportive in your struggles and gets down to the deeper meaning of what might be holding you back. She is also good at helping you set goals and is very positive about your progress. I am in the middle of the process, but excited about the vision and accomplishing my decluttering goals!”

- Julie

Bring Joy to the Process 

"The Creating Calm course made such an impact on my life. I wanted to finally feel home. I wanted to feel like everything I had I loved and it all had it's place. The experience of being in the course and being surrounded by this supportive sisterhood of like-minded women made it possible to go beyond the home and connect with what really matters in life including making more time for myself. Before the KonMari process was hard and lonely this community brought joy to the process for me. I had a breakthrough about how I could bring my highest self to the world with my career and still keep up with my values of nourishing my family with homemade foods, spending time dancing, playing and being in nature together." 

- Jahnan

Clear and Easy Transformation  

"Christine supported me through a clear and easy process of transformation. My kitchen is now a warm welcoming center for family and friends. Christine supported me through a clear and easy process of transformation. She is knowledgeable and friendly, and really knows how to help with the toughest decisions. I highly recommend her services and am thankful for her guidance.”  

- Kerry

From Struggling to Sailing

I’m a stay-at-home mother with a big, active family. Before I worked with Christine, I struggled with the disorganization and increasing household clutter that comes with a growing family. I was just trying to keep up with the needs of each passing day with the kids and household. I'm glad I've worked with Christine because once we got through clearing the physical clutter in my house, fewer chores resulted in more free time for me to connect with my kids - and myself. I started to have time to think again and dig deeper into my hopes and dreams for myself and my family. Once there was literally space in my home and my time to formulate and commit to bigger goals for my life and family, we put together a path to help me reach those goals. Christine lent structure, support and resources to help this transformation happen. Her course was the support I needed to not just get my head above water, but to sail.  


Heart "Ahas"

I just completed the Creating Calm Life Transformation program and had a great experience. I had great clearing sessions with Christine of kids stuff and craft room which was formerly the dumping ground for a whole disappointing area of projects. I found that I did more of an emotional journey, I got through more of the categories than I thought I would. I found a lot of aha moments in my heart too. I appreciated that. Thank you Christine. The women in the group empowered me and hopefully I empowered them. My children have been able to keep their rooms clean because of the konmari kid stuff clean out. My craft room has more purpose now. This was a wonderful experience! 


Major Accomplishment

The Creating Calm Community group coaching program has been really helpful for me. I knew I wanted to complete the KonMari process, but was feeling so overwhelmed. It just seemed like too much. In the group, they really break it down into baby steps and make it doable. I like it because it makes me set goals and sharing with the group keeps me accountable for my actions. I have accomplished more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 3 months!