Creating Calm Conversation with Dana B. Myers

Creating Calm Conversation with Dana B. Myers


Meet Dana, she is the founder of Booty Parlor, an empowering sexy lifestyle brand that’s been helping women (and the partners who love them) feel sexier and more confident since 2005… 

She’s also the author of two best-selling books for women about self-love, sex and relationships… 

And after having two kids herself, Dana wrote her latest book, The Mommy Mojo Makeover, to help women integrate sensuality and sexuality within the REALITY of their daily lives as a moms and partners.

So, if you’re a mama and you want to get to know Dana and get a taste of what she teaches and the kind of changes she can help you make to your life and relationship, check out the fun conversation we had. 

Click the image below to enjoy. This is an adult topic and there is some grown-up language. 

Don’t you absolutely love Dana’s energy and her practical style!? — so if you’re a mom and this speaks to you… 

Now, she’s about to launch The Satisfied Mama… this is an online course with video classes that teaches busy moms to rediscover themselves, confidently reconnect with their bodies, and reignite the spark in their relationship. It’s got smart, actionable lessons and practices designed to make you feel more inspired as a mother and more empowered as a sensual woman within your relationship.

And I gotta tell you —this course has the power to deeply transform your life! 

It’s tailor-made for moms who are feeling disconnected to themselves, and uninspired about their bodies and their sexuality… for moms who feel resentment towards their partners… and for moms who are wondering where the hell their libidos have gone since having their babies! And obviously, this new program isn’t just great for moms but also really focuses on their partners too. 

As Dana said in our conversation, “This is about identifying and discovering what’s uniquely sexy about you. It’s about integrating all the wisdom and richness of life that we acquire as we become mothers. It’s about integrating sensuality within the daily routine of your life as a mom and a woman. You don’t have to radically change your life in order to reclaim yourself and reignite your relationship.”

I want that, don’t you!? I did sign up for the course, because the practical tips we talked about in our conversation brought so much joy to my relationship and life. I know the course will take it all to the next level and as an affiliate I’d love to share the goodness with you.

Become a Satisfied Mama here:

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