Joy Sparking Closets!

Joy Sparking Closets!

joy sparking closet

Wow! I’m loving my freshly KonMari’ed closet. Before I developed the skill of choosing joy my closet was sad and overwhelming. Since choosing only the clothing and shoes that felt joyful. (Making these difficult decisions took several attempts. It was painful for me because of my changing mama body and my changing mama identity.) Now I’ve created my joyful closet! Every morning it sparks joy! The rose gold hangers spark tons of joy too! It’s a dream to gaze into my closet. I’ve chosen my joyful clothing and let go of perfection. I’ve let go of the of who I kind of wish I was and came to accept myself for who I am. Now I love my clothing and store everything with respect. And I love my imperfect self too.

My Closet Before

My Closet After Photo by Vivian Johnson


Close up of My Closet After Photo by Vivian Johnson

The super awesome thing is that the spark joy hangers come in kids size too. My daughter and I have matching spark joy closets now!

My Daughter’s Closet After Photo by Vivian Johnson

Her closet before was a total nightmare. A shove-it-in-and-try-to-close-the-door-quick kind of situation. KonMari magic really happened in her room!

My Daughter’s Closet After Close Up Photo by Vivian Johnson

How to bring the KonMari magic to your home. The first category: Clothing. Take out all your clothes and decide which ones bring you joy. Yes, you do need to take out every single thing. And it’s as simple as choosing joy. It’s not minimalism and it’s not a capsule wardrobe it’s just about the joy. It will help if you’re really honest with yourself about which things truly bring you joy.

These gorgeous rose gold hangers really bring joy to a lot of people. I’ve been getting asked where I got them so frequently I now have an affiliate link for you to get them for yourself.
Koobay A17″ Adult Rose Copper Gold Shiny Metal Wire Top Clothes Hangers for Shirts Coat Storage & Display (30)


Koobay 13″ Children Rose Copper Gold Shiny Metal Wire Top Clothes Hangers for Shirts Coat Storage & Display (10)

Keep sparking joy!

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