My Philosophy

My goal is to tap into the brilliance of motherhood, helping women cultivate confidence and to shine in their life.

My work is informed by my years of professional experience working with children and families and as a Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach and KonMari Consultant, in addition to my personal experience as the mom of a sensitive child. Below, you can learn a little bit more about each school of thought and how tidying is much more than just cleaning up.

The KonMari Method

The core teaching of The KonMari Method is about choosing to surround yourself with only things that "spark joy." It is a way of decluttering and organizing your home following specific guidelines as outlined by Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

How The KonMari Method Works:

  • Visualize your ideal lifestyle and commit to creating space for it.
  • Go through everything you own and decide what to keep by asking the question, “Does this spark joy?”
  • Organize your approach by decluttering by category following the specific order: Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono, Sentimental.
  • Focus on the joy and let go of the rest with gratitude.
  • Experience true life-changing magic!

“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”
- Marie Kondo


Simplicity Parenting

In a world of too much, children can become stressed and have behavior difficulties. It can be challenging to get them to clean their rooms or get ready for school. Life for families can feel chaotic and out of control.

Guided by the work of Kim John Payne, Simplicity Parenting is about creating a home environment and life rhythm that supports the most nourishing and joyful childhood possible. It’s all about slowing down everything: the accumulation stuff and the busy-ness. It’s about relieving the pressure we’ve put ourselves as well as protecting our children from overstimulation and overwhelm that our fast-paced, consumer-driven world is pushing.

“Rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. Activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. Each draws from and contributes to the other.”
- Kim John Payne


The Synthesis of Two Schools of Thought (And Why Tidying Isn’t Just About Tidying)

The fundamental idea behind my philosophy and approach is to help my clients approach each of their possessions one at a time, hold it, and sense whether or not it ‘brings joy’. If it well and truly does, then it is worth keeping. If not, then it is time to thank it and let it go.

The reason this is so important, and the reason it works, is because it allows you to observe each thing you own from an emotional level, rather than an intellectual one. This emotional connection to our possessions has a two-fold effect:

  1. It enables us to authentically determine whether or not we should keep something – we can always mentally justify holding onto stuff, but there is no fooling our heart.
  2. The other effect - the true magic of the method - is that it forces us to get rid of some of our emotional junk, just as we get rid of some of our material junk.

If you’re going through this process for the first time, you may find yourself being critical of yourself. Working through each object with mindfulness will help you notice when you’re thinking negative thoughts about not getting enough done, or what other emotions come up.

Joy is a positive connection with ourselves, our loved ones and God or the Universe. As you let go of your physical and emotional baggage, you will find that it is possible to have a more joyful home and life.

You are lovable and you are enough exactly as you are now. Don't wait to love yourself completely  only when you are the right weight or have the right look. The time to simplify is now. The world needs to hear your voice, to see you shining your light. Tidying the clutter is only the first step in your journey to living in the "now" and accepting yourself as you are in this moment.

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