My coaching program is designed to help mothers take action where they’ve previously felt stuck. Here are the stories of real women who have undergone transformation, both inside and outside their homes.


“What came out of this was realizing that joy comes from within and I can make decisions based on joy not fear.”

Before joining my Creating Calm Transformation Program, Marianne was a newly divorced empty nester. She was overwhelmed by clutter, her home wasn't where she wanted it to be and she wasn't sure how to make decisions on her own and didn't know where to start.

Together, we created a clear vision she could set her mind to, and an actionable plan to help her clear clutter and surround herself with calm and joy.  By participating in the group with other women on the same journey, she started to feel be able to make choices at home and in life based on joy. She was able to confidently clear clutter and overcome her resistance to letting go.

You can watch the interview where she shares her experience here: Creating Calm Interview: Marianne 

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“I had a breakthrough about how I could bring my highest self to the world”

Before joining my Creating Calm Transformation Program, Jahnan was a frazzled mother of two. She came to me feeling like she didn’t have a clear plan for her decluttering process. She felt lonely and stressed with the process and lack of time for herself. Together, we created a clear vision she could set her mind to, and an actionable plan to help her balance her wellbeing, her family, her side business, and her creativity. By participating in the group with other women on the same journey, she started to feel joy in the tidying process, which is - in turn - a way to feel the joy and wholeness of life!


"The Creating Calm Program made such an impact on my life. I wanted to finally feel at home in my home. I wanted to feel like everything I’ve loved had its place. The experience of being in the course and being surrounded by this supportive sisterhood of like-minded women made it possible to even go beyond the home and connect with what really matters in life, including making more time for myself. Before the program, KonMari was hard and lonely, but this community brought joy to the process for me. I had a breakthrough about how I could bring my highest self to the world with my career and still keep up with my values of nourishing my family with homemade foods, spending time dancing, playing and being in nature together."



Joyful Focus in a Simplified Space

Jacquelyn reached out to me because she was having trouble keeping up with her children's belongings. Because of the disorganization, it was hard to find things and cleaning up was confusing and frustrating. We worked together to create a simplified space for her girls to play in and clean up, opening up her whole family to more joy and ease. As Jacquelyn and I sipped our Gratitude Tea, she brightly exclaimed: “This is fun!” Even the girls loved the organized space and looked forward to clean-up time because it was easy and fun.


“Christine truly embodies the ‘creating calm’ energy and brought her life’s mission sweetly and with a joyful focus into our home. We were challenged with keeping our children’s toys organized. By the time Christine left, we had boxed up half the books and created cute cubbies for blocks, Legos, and doctor kits. She had great recommendations on how to store miscellaneous art supplies and gave detailed suggestions for the next steps in our journey.”



“I found a lot of aha moments in my heart.”

Kelly was a student in my Creating Calm Transformation Program. As a busy mother of two who runs an online business, she was feeling the pressures of a demanding life coupled with a husband who regularly travels for work. Together, we addressed her schedule, evaluating self-care opportunities and how to bring calm to the challenging times of the day. We cleared and organized her children’s things and her craftroom. Through our work together, she experienced KonMari magic and empowerment in many areas of her life. Now, her children can clean easier on their own, and she’s tapped into her creativity and love for crafts again.


“I just completed the Transformation program and had a great experience. I had great clearing sessions with Christine of kids’ stuff and my craft room, which was formerly the dumping ground for a whole disappointing area of projects. I found that I did more of an emotional journey, I got through more of the categories than I thought I would. I found a lot of aha moments in my heart too. The women in the group empowered me and hopefully I empowered them. My children have been able to keep their rooms clean because of the KonMari clean-out. My craft room has more purpose now. This was a wonderful experience!”



“I started to have time to think again and dig deeper into my hopes and dreams for myself and my family.”

Bonnie is a stay-at-home mother of three and political activist, with a husband who works long hours and travels for work. Before working together, Bonnie was feeling the burden of too much stuff. She struggled with disorganization and household chores, feeling like she couldn’t get her head above water.

Bonnie had been trying to clear clutter for a while, but felt she needed support with the final push. Through our work together, I helped her bring awareness to the places in her home and life where she was stuck. The result at the end of our coaching was that she was able to drastically cut down on chores, opening up more time for her creativity, including the art projects that she had buried under mothering responsibilities. It also meant more time to herself, to explore art museums and reconnect with her passions and goals. It meant that she could spontaneously invite friends over!

“My name is Bonnie and I’m a stay-at-home mother with a big, active family. Before I worked with Christine, I struggled with the disorganization and increasing household clutter that comes with a growing family. I was just trying to keep up with the needs of each passing day with the kids and household.

I'm glad I've worked with Christine because once we got through clearing the physical clutter in my house, fewer chores resulted in more free time for me to connect with my kids - and myself. I started to have time to think again and dig deeper into my hopes and dreams for myself and my family. Once there was literally space in my home and my time to formulate and commit to bigger goals for my life and family, we put together a path to help me reach those goals.

Christine lent structure, support and resources to help this transformation happen. Her course was the support I needed to not just get my head above water, but to sail.”

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