The Magic that is KonMari Folding

The Magic that is KonMari Folding

konmari folding

I was telling a group of moms about my trip to New York City to meet Marie Kondo and observe the filming of a tidying lesson at Gina’s home. I was talking about my surprise that Marie Kondo  chose to hang Gina’s jeans in the closet. Then how Keiko, a KonMari Consultant was folding the socks only in half to fit in a tall box. I learned that there was more to the folding than is written in the Marie Kondo’s books. Deciding how to fold things really depends on the space available and how the space and containers are configured. At this point in my folding story one of the moms laughed and said, “the whole thing is so ridiculous!”

Folding clothing may seem silly. Although to me, the folding is like a magic trick to draw people in, to wow and impress. Under the surface of the attraction is deep meaning. The idea of hand energy, where you transfer appreciation to the physical objects in our lives that support our everyday living, is powerful.  Brené Brown writes that “gratitude creates joy.” The idea of feeling gratitude while folding clothing, a mundane task I do a lot of, really appeals to me. To spend so much time focusing on gratitude has been a mindset shift that has created more joy in my life.

Deep internal transformation comes from getting in tune with myself, to really connect with things that bring me joy. I am learning to appreciate my things for supporting my life. I am connecting with myself and growing my positive feelings towards myself. The self-compassion element of the KonMari Method moves me, the idea that if we learn to love ourselves we will be more kind to each other and this is the path to world peace. This is why I am dedicated to helping moms apply the KonMari Method, to bring peace to themselves and their families with the intention that compassion and kindness will transfer to the next generation and make world peace possible. So, when I’m taking about KonMari folding, I’m really taking about the hope for the future. I know people laugh at that connection, but I deeply believe in the transformative possibilities of the KonMari method.

I love the folding, tidying and organizing aspects of the method. I find it all so fascinating, especially the underlying mindset shifts that are happening. It’s changed my life in the best way possible, I am falling in love with who I am exactly as I am. And I have gained the confidence to put myself out in the world to support others in their path to transformation. I am excited that there is a world-wide movement towards simplicity- living with enough; living in closer harmony with ourselves and nature. I’ve connected with a group of people who get it. The KonMari Method might be silly to some, but I love it!

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